Customer Stories

Your hard-to-solve problems need empathy and creativity.


oolwater Capital

We are proud to serve Coolwatercap.com, an educational community program accredited by angel investors, to help talented people from all backgrounds self-evaluate their ability to become great investors and identify the gaps in becoming fund managers.

We assisted our clients to create modular frameworks covering topics from fund strategy, brand building, legal & compliance to fundraising from different types of investors and helped create weekly briefings, gathering the necessary digital information, etc. We aslo collected historical and current digital information, analyzed and predicted the future for customer decision-making reference.

Before creating each weekly briefing, we gathered all necessary and relevant information from worldwide, such as comprehensive data analysis results and articles with unique insights into markets and investment techniques to unveil how to choose the right investment institution, how to start a fund, how to improve performance, etc.

The weekly briefings are consistent with the overall strategy of clients from the layout, design, and structured educational backgrounds over a 6 month period.

As a result, we helped our client to raise customer satisfaction rate by 10%.

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